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hv, all these pix are from my Montana run last month. I pull into hotel end of day and don't fuel up till morning when I am pulling out. If I topped off and then set the bike down on its side stand to sit for the evening it would piss out that extra half gallon I squeeze in there getting the air out. So I don't fill up at end of day.
Riding around the lakes here, I only top off when I am on my way out, so that my riding I consume at least half gallon 25 smiles worth before I stop for cold frosty beer. that way the redbaron doesn't leave a piss puddle like Ox did at the station.

I have been riding and filling up bikes for over 50years. I know exactly how much and what each bike needs and behaviors it does. between the 3 dozen bikes I have worn out, I have ridden well over a half million miles. so its not like I don't know how to get it done.. I top them all off exactly the same every time. I even carry a little chunk of 2x4 to put under the side stand to keep the bike near vertical so I can get as much fuel in there as possible. same same same every time. I top off only when I am completely ready to ride and put at least some miles on before I will be stopping again.. I reset the trip A only after each refill and use it as a gauge to see how well or not my engine is performing. Trip B is used for total trip miles. Topping off like this gives me room to go much further with out the typical ass pucker worrying were the fk is the next station when wandering out in the boonies. Only because I was getting such great mileage did I begin to take pics of the Trip A and gas pump, knowing full well that you would not believe me otherwise. but personally I don't give a rip wether you do or don't. I know that if I manage my energy / riding style I can go further than most of you would have the cahonies to even try. poncho

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