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Originally Posted by HValkrider View Post
There is no way that you got 328 miles on 5.6 gallons of must be drafting semis and riding like a grandpa lol.....that's about 58.5 mpg.....
hv, I could repost all pix but you could just as easily see them here
I did indeed get pushing 60mpg most all the way in the mountains of NM, CO, Wy and Mt. last month.

this bike has given 50mpg from its first tank and even now is still doing that here now back in the city. When I traveled, pushing hard 75mph steady with that new batwing sno/windplow, I did get lesser mpgs. but as soon as I got to NM mountains and topped of with No Ethanol fuel, my mileage soared. I have experienced this same phenona with other MC motors as well. I think the altitude, cold dense air, better fuel and the fact that I don't ride hard and fast attribute to good numbers. But YES I consistently get 250 miles city driving and pushing 300s in the mountains.

1st week of September I am scheduled to ride north up Mississippi thru Indy. I may push further north thru Mich and into Canukistan and ride the top of lake GitcheeGoomi (superior) again. west toward Fort Smith and south thru Fargo. I will track and post mileages, some of this might include the dreaded interstates, yuk..

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