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Micheline Pilot 5 Radial on the rear - this is the goofy looking one with no siping on the sides. Have 5000 miles on it, and should get about 1000 more. Hope so - I leave on a 900 mile trip on Monday.
Michelin Commander II radial front. Again, have 5000 miles on it - looks good for at least another 2000.

Note that my miles are mostly high speed. Either fast vacation road trips (Tucson to Carmel last month for the Quail, about 2000 miles RT), or 30 miles of my 45 mile one way commute. I generally run slightly faster (80-85) than most traffic (75-80).

At $3/gallon, I actually spend about as much on tires as gasoline. So instead of 35 MPG, I get about 18 MPGWT (MPG with tires).

Crimeny - on a cost basis, may as well drive the Jeep Liberty - it also gets 18 MPG - as well as 75k on a set of tires. Nowhere near the fun though...

But other than going darkside (which still seems goofy to me), or swapping wheels and trying a bona fide GL1800 tire (which is on my project list, along with about 20 other things...), not much else to do.
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