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Originally Posted by Troy Davis View Post
Howdy all! I'm prepping to fly down to Texas and ride my Valk back on a 1,000+ mile road trip. I'm going to bring along some tools for the ride. What are the socket, wrench, and hex sizes for the common things I may need to access? Things like oil drain plug, crankcase breather, shaft plug, mirrors, seat, etc. Thanks!
TD, what are you planning to do on this little tire scrub in ride? brain surgery? rocket science? I am assuming you have never ridden / owned a Honda before? from your list it sounds like your well entrenched the hardley ableson world of patch and fix as you go.. you don't need NO stinking tools to ride any Honda let alone this one, their flagship motor + cycle.

get on the dang thing and point it. don't bother stopping 'cept for gas and pee breaks. you can ride these bikes 10k miles new straight out of the box w/o so much as changing the oil. once. twice if your anal. just ride the dang thing. then write your story. Tools, wtf? poncho
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