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Afta 06-05-2019 09:02 PM

Tire talk again.
Hi guys, I've looked over the past tire discussions but have a couple of questions. I typically run Metzeler 888 on my other bikes but I'm not sure its the right answer on this heavy cruiser. I'm at 3500 miles and already wearing the left of my front tire enough to get a wobble on deceleration.

Has anyone tried the Bridgestones for the Goldwing?

How is the 120 70 19 R thing working out for you guys now that you've put on some miles?

Also, did you go with the 200 55 17 on the back with the 120 70 19 and how do you like it?

Which brand is your favorite thus far?

Shrubbo, You seem to have the most miles on tires so feel free to jump in. lol

Here we go, please try and stay on track here folks

Poncho 06-05-2019 10:31 PM

Unless I find something better in 6 months when I should be due, Dunlop Elite make a 130/60-19 61H front tire and 200/55-R78V rear tire.. The tread looks like the Dunlop Elite 3s I just changed on my 850lb Injun chieftain at 25k miles.. I put the new Elite 4s on it to see if they yield the same high mileage. I have no handling issues with the Elites or uneven wear that most bike stock front tires exhibit. actually the Front was still good, but hey, 25k smiles. go ahead and change them both. poncho

Metzlers were my goto tire. I have 888s on my little puddle jumper, scout. They are doing well, I might get 12k out of this set. I do ride it harder than the big valk. well, because I can thrash a 550lb bike around more than 750lb.

bscrive 06-06-2019 04:01 PM

I have a 120 Avon Cobra on the front and a 180 Dunlop Roadsmart 2 on the back. The Avon has been on for close to 20,000kms and still looks great. The Dunlop has been on for 12,000kms and will need changing by mid summer. I bought another Roadsmart 2 to put on when this one has done it's time. I see no need to put on a 200 series tire. A skinnier front tire coupled with a wider back tire doesn't handle as well as tires closer in size to one another.

Pago Cruiser 06-08-2019 12:22 PM

Micheline Pilot 5 Radial on the rear - this is the goofy looking one with no siping on the sides. Have 5000 miles on it, and should get about 1000 more. Hope so - I leave on a 900 mile trip on Monday.
Michelin Commander II radial front. Again, have 5000 miles on it - looks good for at least another 2000.

Note that my miles are mostly high speed. Either fast vacation road trips (Tucson to Carmel last month for the Quail, about 2000 miles RT), or 30 miles of my 45 mile one way commute. I generally run slightly faster (80-85) than most traffic (75-80).

At $3/gallon, I actually spend about as much on tires as gasoline. So instead of 35 MPG, I get about 18 MPGWT (MPG with tires).

Crimeny - on a cost basis, may as well drive the Jeep Liberty - it also gets 18 MPG - as well as 75k on a set of tires. Nowhere near the fun though...

But other than going darkside (which still seems goofy to me), or swapping wheels and trying a bona fide GL1800 tire (which is on my project list, along with about 20 other things...), not much else to do.

Poncho 06-08-2019 10:30 PM

PC, look at those Dunlop Elites.. they make sizes that fit our rims. I just pulled a set of Elite 3s off my 850lb chieftain at 25k smiles. the front was still good or many more k's. I put the Elite 4s on it. because, well, they're 4s must be more better than 3s? I dunno, will find out. but I am planning on putting standard Elites on this when I burn off these stock units. Finally mc tire technology is catching up, no need to go over to the darkside. here is what they look like, minus the ugly WW.

Pago Cruiser 06-10-2019 01:08 AM

I thought I looked at E3's before, and did not find the same rear size (180/55R17), in a radial.
Close sizes - 160/70-17 and 200/55-17 - but both still Bias ply.

Do they make a Radial in the same size? I can't seem to find it.

I use E3's regularly on my Legacy 2000 Valk - and usually get real close to 10k out of the rear, a bit more on the front.

Afta 06-10-2019 05:25 PM

Anyone try these?

It would be great if someone would make a 130 70zr 19. in a heavy cruiser tire. I'm thinking it would fit and give a much better riding tire.

bparish 07-08-2019 10:51 PM

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I realize this post is now a month old, but I *finally* got my new tires on today.
I gave up on the Dunlops but got 12,000 miles out of them.
I went with these:

Rear: Michelin Road 5 - 180/55ZR17 73W
Front: Michelin Road 5 Trail - 120/70ZR19 60W

Ran me about $450 for the set and after the first couple of hours on them I have to say I like them a lot! Cornering is noticeably different with the narrower front so still getting used to that. Not sure if it is strictly the width or also tire shape, but the Dunlop felt more "stable", where the Michelin is effortless to add lean in either direction, instantly!

I've seen many reports of the Michelins (mostly the Road 4's) and that is part of what helped me make my decision. If you are still considering tires (e.g. haven't purchased yet) I am happy to offer any feedback or answer any questions about them.

Poncho 07-08-2019 11:41 PM

bp, be sure to give report of performance at least several thousand miles from now. any new tire is going to feel different, aka better, well because its new and you just came off of worn out questionable tires. after a goodly amount miles and wear then the real behavior of the tire emerges. the real praise is at the end of a tires life. let us know how these go.

btw, I just topped 7k on this new sled ~7weeks. the front is quickly wearing flat on the left as expected. It might make it to 10k.? I have been looking at this front wheel and it appears I may be able to pull the axle and rotate the whole wheel and ride this tire backwards for another 2k'ish. the current right side becomes the new left side for additional tire tread wear.

before anybody gets their dander all up about reverse rotation tires / cords / wear, be advised I have done this before and I don't ride stupid. I know what I am doing.

as for left side early wear, flat spots. if you want to know how even minimal road crown does this, I will 'splain clearly. if you want to argue their isn't enough road crown to cause it, don't bother. poncho

use2b 07-09-2019 12:28 AM

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i am also looking to the future on tire change. wonder why the left side does seem to wear more on the front? I think but not sure i see that at 6K miles.
while i love handling i want a wide contact patch up front and in reality i may only change tires twice more in my riding career .

A lot of Bikers being killed lately where i live , this car almost hit me from behind and swerved in front - posted speed limit is 45

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